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B-Side Games launches new website utilizing!

B-Side Games launches new website utilizing!
We were looking for a new corporate blog engine/solution for a while now because Medium did not fit our needs anymore. to the rescue!

I have been looking for a new corporate blog engine/solution for a while now because Medium did not fit our needs at B-Side Games anymore.

Problems with Medium:

  • no custom domains
  • loosing all of our traffic
  • lack of customization options
  • no in-depth integration into our games/systems possible

Also I kinda wanted to launch a new website to showcase and feature all of our current and next games as we shift from being an indie developer into an indie publisher role this year. I was lucky to have found @Ghost ( after a while and have been pretty amazed so far.

It not only serves as a fully customizable CMS, with custom domain support, full traffic control and 100% open source - it also allows you to host it yourself free of charge if you want to spin up your own scalable Server solution.

I ended up using their managed service which is not as expensive as you might think and it comes with hands down the best customer support I have ever seen! The few times I was stuck with a very specific problem some of their engineers actively helped me with some custom code that lead me into the right direction.

There is a $20-30 USD custom theme being used here and yes I spent a bit of time learning the in-depth stuff to fully customize it for our needs but hey! I did all of that during my quarantine due to #Covid19 so it was really fun, lol.

And yes the website is not final yet and will definitely change once we can publicly tell you about our first official Third-Party games... but for the time being I can spend more time posting awesome news about e.g. Chainmonsters and building out our subscriber base!

Big shoutout to Sarah, Dave, and Jayden from Ghost Support/Engineering for their immediate help to my various requests! :)