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Flow blockchain partnership

Flow blockchain partnership
B-Side Games chooses Flow to bring decentralization and a player driven economy to their games.

After 3 years of development we have now chosen Flow blockchain as our partner to bring dezentralization and a player driven economy to our upcoming games including the highly anticipated massively multiplayer RPG Chainmonsters.

Flow is an upcoming blockchain created by the minds that brought Cryptokitties and DapperWallet to the dezentralized world.

We are excited to be part of this next step in blockchain gaming and are looking forward to tokenize every Chainmon, item and cosmetic the players will earn throughout the game. - Maximilian Weber, CEO of B-Side Games

We are also proud to be part of the Flow Accelerator program which will feature Chainmonsters as one of the very first games launching on their platform!

Flow: Flow Alpha Innovation Series: B-Side Games on Chainmonsters and “NotAWasp”
In this week’s Flow Alpha Innovation Series, B-Side Games joins us to discuss how they’re building their next project on Flow.

We will post more details about the Flow blockchain integration in the coming days and weeks.

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