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Flow launches Community Token Sale

Flow launches Community Token Sale

As some of you may be aware our partner Flow is immensely helping us out through additional funding, advice and reach throughout their network and ecosystem.

Today they just launched their network and Community Token Sale and we wanted to share this news with you!

Key Dates:

Today: Flow code fully open sourced!

Late September: custody providers Finoa and Kraken coming online

October 16: FLOW genesis block distributed to constituents

Nov 2: staking rewards expected to begin

In conjunction with the launch of the network, they are holding a Community Sale on CoinList for non-US / non-Canadian community members to purchase FLOW token at the same terms as their pre-launch backers, as well as a Dutch Auction to price the network.

More details on the CoinList offering

  • Only open to non-US / Canadian persons, accredited or not, structured in two parts:
  • Community Sale (Sep/22-Oct/2): up to $1000 per person at the same terms as pre-launch investors ($0.10 per token, 50% unlock after 12mo, 50% monthly over the following 12mo);
  • Dutch Auction (bidding open Sep/22, auction closes Oct/6): starting price $1, reserve price $0.10, full unlock after 12mo;
  • All locked tokens can be used for staking or delegation and can earn staking rewards that are freely transferable.
  • Registration:
  • Official tweet:
  • Disclaimer:

They also announced one of their most exciting partnerships yet today: Animoca Brands is bringing its flagship non-blockchain game, Star Girl, to Flow (1M+ active users), as well as its most recent blockchain project, Moto GP. More details here:

B-Side Games has been working with Flow for about one year now. While Chainmonsters is not on their mainnet yet, we will have some exciting news very soon!