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Unity Developer

Unity Developer
The Unity Developer role is meant to implement several client-side mechanics into our games, incorporate UIs and optimize gameplay systems.

Skills & Requirements


  • Work with game designers to create tools and optimal workflows in-engine.
  • Communicate and work closely with other programmers to develop new engine features.
  • Analyze memory/performance concerns throughout a project's development
  • Implementing UI and client-side mechanics
  • Streamline Workflow by proactively finding solutions and by working with production.

Required Skills:

  • Working knowledge of the Unity3D Engine.
  • Able to collaborate and work well with teams from various disciplines.
  • Create shippable quality content that is memory efficient and performant.
  • Problem-Solve and provide a clear solution to complicated issues.
  • Ability to think out-of-the-box to overcome technical challenges.
  • Ability to self-direct and be autonomous when it is required.

Desired Skills:

  • 3+ Years of industry experience.
  • Knowledge and experience in one or more of the following Unity solutions: Addressables, CCD, Cloud Build, Analytics
  • Knowledge and experience in one or more of the following services: Playfab, Xcode, Azure Cloud
  • Experience in working in and around a server-client environment
  • Experience with current generation PC and mobile platforms

How to Apply

Send us an e-mail with your CV, availability, and a link to examples of your recent work to

Applicants who cannot provide a portfolio, website, or reel will not be considered.

About the company

B-Side Games is a German game studio currently focussing on their massive multiplayer monster-tamer RPG Chainmonsters, connecting a highly stylized art style with state of the art blockchain technology. After a successful Kickstarter campaign and a major crowdfunding round in 2021 we are now expanding our team, looking for new talents to join our exciting journey in the world of Chainmonsters.