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Chainmonsters Graphics Update

Chainmonsters Graphics Update

Over the last few months we have been completely overhauling the design and visual fidelity of Chainmonsters and today we are proud to show you the first few steps we have taken into our brand new art direction.

Our new Art Director Lena has taken inspiration from our favourite Studio Ghibli movies and created a beautiful mix of vibrant colours and unique designs that help bring the new world of Chainmonsters to life!

Everything is still work in progress and we are constantly changing and tweaking our pixel art so these pre-alpha in-game screenshots might not 100% resemble the final look of the game.

Higher contrast, vivid colours
A new battleground
Concept Art

We would LOVE ❤ to hear your feedback, so please comment on Discord and be part of our discussion and design process!

Preview of new Technology

We have upgraded our lighting system to feature realtime dynamic shadows so when you venture through the woods during the night or explore a dark dungeon then the visual fidelity is greatly improved.

lights and shadows