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End of July 2020 Update

End of July 2020 Update
We have been incredibly busy over the last couple of weeks and would like to update you quickly on a few topics including Pre-Alpha launch, Roadmap and more!

Pre-Alpha Launch Soon!

Probably what you are most excited about, heh?

We are currently finalising our internal testing on iOS, Android and Steam and will make the game available to anyone interested in diving into it in the first two weeks of August!

This pre-alpha is obviously still under heavy development but it enables anyone to take a look at the game, how Flow-blockchain interactions are going to work and we are looking to receive a ton of feedback from you guys. After all, we are growing our community every single day, no matter if you are on Facebook, Twitter, Discord or part of our Email Newsletter!

The pre-alpha - similar to the full game - will be available for free. You will need to create an account on our website however, in order to choose your username, manage your devices and... participating in our upcoming Presale(!).


We are currently heavily coordinating with our partner Flow on how and when this will happen exactly but from a technical POV we have prepared everything and will keep you up to date on that. We want to focus on providing you guys with a stellar game experience first and then talk about ways to participate in our crowdfunding round :)


We are opening up our development process and are currently setting up a public roadmap for anyone to take a look at. This will also enable you to gauge how far specific features are away from implementation, e.g. Flow mainnet launch, player housing, character customization, etc. We might even let you vote on the priority of this ;)

Additionally, once the pre-alpha has launched we are adding a public Bug-Tracker so that you can always check if an issue has already been reported!

That's it for today and we can't wait to let you dive into the game!