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Chainmonsters 0.1.4

Chainmonsters 0.1.4

We have released a new update on Steam, iOS and Android that adds new features and fixes a few of your reported issues already!


πŸ‘₯[feature]added option to put Chainmons from your Squad back in Storage

πŸ‘₯[feature]added experience bar progression inside and outside of battle

πŸ‘₯[fix]increases base size of cursor textures

πŸ‘₯[feature]follower Chainmon based on first one in your Squad

πŸ‘₯[fix]fixed crash that happened when you reduced your Squad down to one last one and it is in fainted state

πŸ‘₯[fix]fixed nicknames adding a "?" character at the end (rename your Chainmons to see the effect!)

πŸ‘₯[fix]fixed various placed where a Chainmon's name did not fit into the UI elements

πŸ‘₯[fix]abilities that ignored speed now do not cause an endless loop in battle

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the πŸ‘₯ icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Discord server

A list of current bugs and issues can be found in our Bug-Tracker.