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20th of October Kickstarter Launch!

20th of October Kickstarter Launch!

We are super excited to announce our Kickstarter/Presale launch date for Chainmonsters!

⏰20th of October 2020⏰

🙌There is only about one week left until we launch 🙌 and there are spicy incentives to back us early!

Follow our upcoming Kickstarter campaign to be notified once we go live and benefit from exclusive additional rewards when backing in the first 48 hours!

These coming days are filled with amazing new content, news and announcement regarding our campaign, the NFT mechanics and exciting partnerships👀...

We have also released two more blog posts about our player-driven economy and what our plans are to monetize the game post-launch through fair Free to Play Mechanics:

Monetization Strategy of Chainmonsters
We believe it is important to show transpareny especially when dealing with blockchain. Learn how we are intending to monetize the game throughout development as well as after full launch.
Player driven economy in Chainmonsters
In this new age, players have more control over their in-game assets than ever before. Learn more on how we tokenize every single Chainmon, item, accessoire and more in order to reward early adopters and build a flourishing game economy.