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24 hour countdown to Kickstarter

24 hour countdown to Kickstarter

There are only 24 hours left until we launch our Kickstarter/Presale campaign tomorrow, Tuesday October 20th on 10am PST / 7pm CET.

Before we dive deeper into this post we want to remind you one last time that there is a day 1 bonus if you back us in the first 48 hours which you do not want to miss out on:

You receive a super special ferry ticket that brings you to a mysterious island where you get time-exclusive access to catch a legendary Chainmon that won't unlock for anyone else long after full launch(!). (12 months exclusivity)

Thank You!

We would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has been part of this awesome community no matter if you have been around since early 2018 when we launched our playable demo on ETH, or in 2019 when we were featured on Twitch and Dlive by the streamer community, or if you just have been discovering the game and our community in the recent days and weeks.

Together we are making this game into something that we all can enjoy together and onboard a substantial amount of players into this exciting blockchain ecosystem in the background.

We have huge plans for this journey and will utilize our partners and especially Flow blockchain to incentivise our early players and Kickstarter backers for their help and reward YOU in the process.

Everyone who has at least Alpha Access to the game (20 EUR tier) will receive a free complimentary Pre-Season Pass which allows you to earn ~25+ NFTs just by playing! These NFTs have the exclusive Pre-Season branding and won't be available after the Alpha.

Not only that but if you participate in our Alpha-exclusive Pre-Season tournaments then you can win some of the remaining exclusive Kickstarter NFTs that might not have been sold out - and if they are all gone then some other great valuable reward will be found!


This Kickstarter is going to be a game changer not only for us - but for everyone involved both inside and outside of our team and our partners.

In the last week we were featured on our partner's blog and gained a substantial amount of new players, fans and followers:

We also just recently partnered with the Kickstarter experts from BackerKit who are going to support us with advertising and extended services during and after the campaign to hit our initial goal and advanced stretch goals super fast and continue to grow attention and our community over the whole campaign duration.

Based on feedback this past week we know that you guys are as excited as we are and that some of you are setting alarms to be there right at launch!

Even though the launch will be in the evening for us, we have taken measures to make sure that not only the game but also our community Discord are ready to take on the upcoming storm and that we as well as our moderators are 24/7 ready to answer your questions and provide support as best as possible.

There is a ton of content, videos, livestreams and behind the scenes material scheduled to keep up the pace and increase engagement across all our channels!

David - Composer and SFX artist
Behind the scenes interview sneak peak

Extra Bonus for Top Supporters

The top 100 contributors will receive a special Founder Token exclusive to this Kickstarter that will be airdropped into your account afterwards. Only 250 of these exist and the remaining 150 ones will be given away through competitions, contests and tournaments.

Founder Token

  • This token grants the owner a permanent XP boost of 2.5% for both player level, season pass and Chainmons
  • Only one founder token can be active per player
  • It scales with every other XP modifier e.g. event-based XP boosts
  • Places an emblem into your profile that proves to everyone that you are one of our first supporters
  • Not stackable

Are you joining us tomorrow? Get notified on launch to secure yourself some early bird discounts!