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Fan-Art Contest!

Fan-Art Contest!

We are excited to announce that today starts the Chainmonsters Fan Art Contest! The contest lasts until the end of the Kickstarter, November 19th at 7pm CET / 10am PST! There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes! We will be sharing submissions during the contest so look forward to seeing some awesome Chainmonsters fan art!


Submissions can be any visual medium including pixel art, vector art, pen and ink, graphite, or any other medium, digital or traditional. It can be a single frame or multiple frames.


Submit by posting your fan art on Twitter and tagging #Chainmonsters + #FanArt + @Chainmonsters.

You must submit before the campaign ends on November 19th at 7pm CET / 10am PST. You can make multiple submissions, but can only win one prize (you cannot win both 1st and 2nd place for example).


We will evaluate each submission on a 50 point scale with up to 20 points for technique, 10 points for creativity, 10 points for humor, and 10 points for storytelling.


  • 1st place will receive everything included in the tier 500 EUR Voyager (Mysterious ticket) which includes a mysterious ticket, a crystal Chainmon, a custom in-game appareance in the Founder's Club and all of our physical rewards!
  • 2nd place will receive everything included in the tier 100 EUR Alpha Agent (Poster, plushie and more)
  • 3rd place will receive everything included in the tier 60 EUR Starter Box (Plushie)

The subject can be anything related to the game:

  • A scene featuring any Chainmon
  • Your own interpretations of an area/route
  • What Max does in his free time (in the game)
  • What the N-Corp organization might be hiding
  • A story involving any of the Chainmons
  • A new technology with advanced utility
  • Anything related to Chainmonsters that you can imagine!

Good luck to anyone that enters!

Podcast with Gym Leader Ed

Our friend and youtube personality Gym Leader Ed has interviewed Max recently on his podcast which is available here. They went into much detail on what makes the game special, how it differentiates itself from similar games and why Blockchain is such an integral part of our game!