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Kickstarter Launching Soon!

Kickstarter Launching Soon!
We're excited to launch our Kickstarter Campaign on Tuesday 20th of October at 10am PST / 7pm CET. Save yourself some bonus rewards if you back on day 1!

We're excited to launch our Kickstarter Campaign on Tuesday 20th of October at 10am PST / 7pm CET.

As a fan of ours, we want to ask for your commitment to pledge on day ONE so that we can have the strongest launch possible.

In return you benefit from our exclusive day 1 bonus reward which is a super special ferry ticket that brings you to a mysterious island where you get time-exclusive access to catch a legendary Chainmon that won't unlock for anyone else long after full launch(!). (12 months exclusivity)

Quick Facts:

  • 100% exclusive Kickstarter NFTs
  • FREE Season Pass* with an extra ~25+ NFTs to be earned if you play during the alpha!
  • BONUS ferry ticket for exclusive early access to a unique Chainmon
  • Highly limited NFTs with a fixed total supply!
  • All NFTs are being minted about 2 weeks after the Kickstarter and made available for trading immediately!

We incentivize our early supporters to test the game during development

If you have Alpha Access - requires Alpha tier (25 EUR) - then you get a FREE Pre-Season Pass which allows you to earn ~25+ NFTs just by playing!

They are all exclusively branded as Pre-Season items and won't be obtainable afterwards. Of course you can trade them on our in-game marketplace or use any external one!

Scarcity of Rewards

Some of our backer tiers are highly limited in total supply and potentially gone quickly so make sure to be there if you are interested in those.

Including an early bird discount for our basic alpha tier:

Early Alpha tier (limited to the first 100)

There are about 15 different reward tiers/packages to choose from in the campaign and all tiers are inclusive(!).

Here are some selected other tiers that might be interesting if you are a collector of NFTs:

Founder Tier

If you are looking to grab one of our highly sought after Crystal variation Chainmons then be quick, because only 600 of them exist in total!

Normal - default Chainmon variation

Shadow - rare chance of encountering in-game

Crystal - limited Kickstarter exlusive (600 total supply)

They are not catchable in-game and are true collector NFTs. If used in-game then they come with a unique visual effect and have guaranteed maximum IVs and two ultra rare traits - a super important set of stats that influence their behaviour inside and outside of battles.

As a cool bonus this also immortalizes you in the Founder's Club forever where people can see a statue of the owner every time they pass by!

Special Agent Tier (30 total supply)

The NFT owner can customize both the appearance as well as the squad of an enemy NPC anytime. Those "Special Agents" are strategically placed in the world and aim to be a special challenge for the players. Holding ownership of this NFT grants you access to an exclusive outfit and title that you can show off to other players.

Customization happens through our in-game character editor anytime you want!

Overseer Tier (8 total supply)

The very first owner will have the opportunity to help us customize the HQ, which basically acts as a gym in other games. You will be immortalized on a wall that lists the "Founder" and the last previous owners. The HQ leader can be customized both from a visual POV as well as their Squad anytime. You also get exclusive access to an in-game outfit and title as long as you hold the NFT in your account.

This tier includes a total of 19 NFTs!

Chainmon Designer Tier (5 total supply)

  • Help us design a brand new Chainmon (this reward can only be acquired a total of 5 times!)
  • Receive the very first NFT of its kind including all variants into your account (first edition and serial #1!)

NFT mechanic

As we explained inside the Flow blog post, every reward including digital and physical ones is a fully functional NFT on Flow Blockchain.

When you grab a plushie for example, you also receive a digital NFT that represents an in-game plushie for your personal house where you can invite others and brag with your collection...

This is the one and only time where we will sell NFTs directly to the players!

The minting order of the NFTs will start in descending order of the tier value backed. Higher tier backers will have the chance to receive low serial number NFTs.

Extra Bonus for Top Supporters

The top 100 contributors will receive a special Founder Token exclusive to this Kickstarter that will be airdropped into your account afterwards. Only 250 of these exist and the remaining 150 ones will be given away through competitions, contests and tournaments.

Founder Token

  • This token grants the owner a permanent XP boost of 2.5% for both player level, season pass and Chainmons
  • Only one founder token can be active per player
  • It scales with every other XP modifier e.g. event-based XP boosts
  • Places an emblem into your profile that proves to everyone that you are one of our first supporters
  • Not stackable

Can we count on your pledge?

Follow our project to be notified immediately when it goes live!

P.S.: Our brand new Roadmap will be unveiled on Tuesday as well