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Kickstarter now LIVE!

Kickstarter now LIVE!
It is time! We are now live on Kickstarter!


It is time! We are now live on Kickstarter!

If we reach our initial goal quickly then we got some pretty awesome stretch goals with additional content, mechanics and feature going!

As a reminder, every single backer tier includes NFTs. The highest tiers include 19+ NFTs alone!

The total supply of the lowest tiers e.g. the exclusive outfit is limited by the amount of people who supported the campaign.

The crystal ones are distributed like this:

  • Designer: 3 x 5 = 15
  • Overseer: 3x8 = 24
  • Special Agent: 3x30 = 90
  • Archon: 3x30 = 90
  • Voyager: 50
  • 100 based off previous ETH Gen-0 and including giveaway to the Flow community
  • Founder: 231

--> 600 Crystal Chainmons

Other total supplies can be taken from the campaign page:

Roadmap (Preview)

Our Roadmap is not fully converted to our new system yet but a preview can be seen here: