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Tokenomics Guide + FAQ!

Tokenomics Guide + FAQ!

These last few days have been super exciting for all of us at B-Side Games and we would like to thank everyone again for supporting us and playing the demo on Steam, iOS and Android!

Today we would like to talk about the Tokenomics of Chainmonsters.

Let's start with our currently ongoing Kickstarter/Presale which has raised +$100.000 USD so far!

To learn about our upcoming free Alpha Rewards which include +25 exclusive items for our testers, scroll down!


All Kickstarter Rewards are NFTs - the higher your contribution amount, the lower you are guaranteed to receive the minted tokens.

E.g. the Designer Tier (1 out of 5 left by the way!) includes 29 NFTs in total! The "Design a Chainmon" NFT gives you the very first token mints of this particular Chainmon (#1 + #2) guaranteed.

  • 🖊️ 🐈 Design a Chainmon ( 2 NFTs)
  • 📍🧍Custom NPC and Quest line (1 NFT)
  • 🔮All 3 crystal starters (3 NFT - total supply 600!)
  • 🎫Mysterious in-game ticket (1 NFT)
  • ⭐Custom in-game appearance in the Founder's Club (1 NFT)
  • 📓 Physical Artbook (1 NFT)
  • 📦Exclusive Collector's Box (1 NFT)
  • 🗺️ Poster of the world (1 NFT)
  • 📓 Digital Artbook (1 NFT)
  • 🐨 Starter plushie (approx. 12in / 30cm) (1 NFT)
  • 💌Printed Sticker Pack (1 NFT)
  • Exclusive in-game title "Designer" ( 1 NFT)
  • 🦹Kickstarter exclusive in-game outfit (1 NFT)
  • 🎵 Digital Original Soundtrack (1 NFT)
  • 10× 🎮 Alpha Access! (10 NFTs)
  • 🖼️ Digital Wallpaper (1 NFT)
  • 🔔 Production updates
  • 📜 Your Name in the Game’s Credits (1 NFT)

It is possible to choose a lower tier (e.g. Special Agent) but increasing your pledge amount to something higher in order to further decrease your overall token mints.

Amount pledged > backing time

Crystal Starters

For the Crystal Starters it might be useful to know that each starter has 3 evolutionary stages. So in total there are 9 Crystal chainmons out there and the players can decide if they want to keep them in their first, second or third stage which will of course dynamically influence the market availability of each evolution stage. (600 in total are divided by the 9 different versions)

How does an NFT work with e.g. Alpha Access or the Artbook(s)?

You receive unique NFTs for each reward, if you have say 4x Alpha Access then one NFT can be claimed/consumed in your account to get access to the game. The remaining can be given away or traded with other players who might not have Alpha Access yet.

The exclusive in-game outfit is available to the account who holds this NFT

In case of our Artbook(s) - the owner of the NFT gets access to an in-game cosmetic for their house where they can show it off to other players - same goes for the plushie and the poster!


When will Kickstarter NFTs be available?

We are minting all NFTs immediately in the first week of December - after Kickstarter has processed all pledges.

Easy to follow instructions will be sent out to all participants before then to allow everyone to be ready by that time!

Will there be any marketplace for the NFTs?

Yes, right at the start you can put your NFTs for sale on VIV3 allowing immediate liquidity and P2P trading. No transaction costs, and an easy one-click workflow!

In the future we are adding our own in-game marketplace where everyone no matter if crypto veteran or traditional player can trade with each other.

What is the Founder Token and how can I get my hands on it?

The top 100 contributors (based on contribution amount!) will receive a special Founder Token exclusive to this Kickstarter that will be airdropped into your account afterwards. Only 250 of these exist and the remaining 150 ones will be given away through competitions, contests and tournaments.

Founder Token

  • This token grants the owner a permanent XP boost of 2.5% for both player level, season pass and Chainmons
  • Only one founder token can be active per player
  • It scales with every other XP modifier e.g. event-based XP boosts
  • Places an emblem into your profile that proves to everyone that you are one of our first supporters
  • Not stackable

Free Alpha Rewards

During our Closed Alpha - starting January/February 2021 - every player receives our "Pre-Season Pass" which enables them to earn an additional +25 NFTs that are cosmetics, taunts and other items with the time-limited Pre-Season branding.

Don't forget your account needs to have access to the Alpha in order to be eligible!

After full launch, every game season comes with new content, items and unlockable rewards and this is our way to thank you for helping us make the game better!