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Kickstarter Update 5

Kickstarter Update 5

We have only about 12 days left for the campaign and have some exciting developments for you!

Open and Transparent Development

Smart Contracts

In order to make our development processes as open and as transparent as possible, we have just released our initial smart contract set onto Github:

Bug-Tracker / Community Ideas

We also have a Discord integration with Codecks which we use to develop features and fix bugs during development.

When you report a bug or have an amazing idea for the game, this will be added there and can be upvoted by the whole community

!Please note that internally we are on the Alpha version already so the demo won't be updated/fixed as it will be disabled after Kickstarter. Once we open up the Closed Alpha to Kickstarter backers we will start fresh with the bug/issue reporting :)

Community involvement

We have been asked a lot on what impact and involvement you guys will have on the development and here we try to give you some examples:

When we create new Chainmons, we will have regular votings on new potential candidates including their name, appearance and much more. Once we go into Full-Production there will be tons of playable new areas that we create internally or together during livestreams(!) - but the chance is very high that not all of these areas will end up in the game! Help us find the best, playtest them, send us feedback and if you are crazy then access our nightly builds that are literally hot from the press. (No 100% guarantee that these will work properly though)

Any fantastic ideas that would make the game even better? Let us know in Discord!

Content-Creators - We love, adore and actively support fan-art, streamers, youtubers and any kind of content creators! You are allowed to stream and record gameplay videos of the Closed Alpha once it launches and we might be working on a Twitch Drops integration that allows both viewers and streamers to be rewarded for sharing the game... ;)


Our friends at Arclands  have a beautiful Kickstarter campaign going and we wanted to use this opportunity to do a quick shoutout to them. With its great design and SNES/ZELDA/Stronghold influenced visuals it definitely caught our attention and it deserves some more exposure in our opinion.Arclands is a game about creating a buzzing village and becoming a powerful enough wizard to defend it.You're a wizard who got banished from their home because they rivaled the ruling wizard in power. What you gonna do, that's wizard rule right there. Banished citizens are sent to the Arclands - a treacherous collection of islands inhabited by monsters which are attracted to everything magic. That's bad for you and your followers, so the only way to survive is to grow and fortify your village. You will see it grow from a loose collection of rugged tents to a heavily fortified city, attract other banished refugees and discover the secrets of the Arclands.