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Chainmonsters Marketplace launching soon!

Chainmonsters Marketplace launching soon!

We are proud to announce that our native marketplace and account management website is launching soon!

Through the Marketplace you can get your hands on some super rare exclusive NFTs from other players, in addition to pre-registering for the upcoming game release. Plus, as we announced previously, we are going to continue dropping the remaining ~200 crystal Chainmons regularly so that they are fully distributed to the community.

We realized that there is a high demand for players and new users to be able to trade their Kickstarter rewards and upcoming Pre-Season NFTs* with each other.

(*Pre-Season NFTs are going to be acquired in game during Closed Alpha, access can be pre-purchased here:

How it works

The marketplace is an open and transparent space, 100% powered by smart contracts running on Flow Blockchain. No matter if you are playing the game or just browsing the website, everyone accessess the exact same marketplace and ecosystem.

When a player acquires a rare item in-game, they can put it up for sale on the marketplace. Other users, even those only using the website, can then purchase it directly and utilize for their own game experience.

In Chainmonsters, pretty much all content is tokenized:

  • Chainmons
  • Items
  • Cosmetics
  • Consumables
  • Even some special NPCs(!)

Initially, only the Kickstarter-exclusive rewards can be traded. Once the Closed Alpha starts you can earn 25 season-exclusive additional NFTs just by playing!


Deposits and withdrawals are managed through FUSD - the upcoming official stable coin solution on Flow.


Accounts in Chainmonsters are managed in our system and optionally secured by 2FA! This extra layer of security enables an automated marketplace flow including withdrawals anytime you want.

When the marketplace launches, we will announce our first drop, giving you time to prepare, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter (maybe you are already?) and wait for further instructions to create your account!

If you have previously utilized VIV3 marketplace then don't worry, we will make sure that your NFTs can be transferred back and forth anytime!