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Chainmonsters Alpha Phase 0 - Account Registrations

Chainmonsters Alpha Phase 0 - Account Registrations

Chainmonsters is now preparing for Closed Alpha launch in April and in order to claim your Kickstarter digital rewards and/or NFTs we kindly ask you to create your game account on our website:

You have one account to play the game, interact with the marketplace and to access other Chainmonster ecosystem tools and experiences.

After you have verified your email address, a Flow blockchain account will be created in the background which will be used for storing your scarce digital items (NFTs), trading both in-game and on the website marketplace and this is where you will receive your in-game earned items, rewards and Chainmonsters.

VIV3 users

If you have previously claimed your NFTs on VIV3 and want to transfer them to your game account then please enable 2FA in your VIV3 account and wait for further instructions.

Alpha Timeline

We are launching the account system where backers and pre-orders can register and manage their game account. Some people have changed their email from Kickstarter in the meantime so this will be a two step process and ensures that everyone is up to date:

  • Create a game account on our website ( (launching March)
  • Fill out a survey which is sent to your Kickstarter email to connect your accounts!
  • Wait

If you have pre-ordered on our website then we will send an email to the address you used to do the purchase with adjusted instructions.

March - Displaying items/NFTs

You can see your Kickstarter digital rewards including Alpha Access etc in your account. For extra security you *can* enable 2FA (2 Factor Authentication)in your settings if you wish.

Enabling of marketplace functionalities - you will be able to send your additional Alpha Access keys/NFTs to your friends but also trade some of the exclusive items with each other already!

As promised, we are also dropping some of the remaining crystal starters on the marketplace where you can purchase them directly from us. We only support FUSD at the moment and will enable you to load up your account's balance earlier on and also tell you the price point for those beforehand.

Early April - Claiming Alpha Access and downloading the game

If you have pre-ordered the game on the website then you will receive a special key to unlock your alpha access into your account. Kickstarter backers and those who own "Alpha Access NFTs" will need to go to their account, choose one of them and click a "Claim" button. This will automatically grant you Alpha Access and remove/burn the selected token in the process(!).

You can then download the Closed Alpha on iOS (Testflight), Android and Steam directly through a link from your profile. Remember, you can play on ALL platforms using just one account as long as it is not currently logged into another session.

Remember, you do not need to do anything else. You get access to this (decentralized) world just by registering a game account on our website and having Alpha Access. There is no need to create an external Flow account.