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Chainmonsters Alpha Phase 1 - Account Security and NFTs

Chainmonsters Alpha Phase 1 - Account Security and NFTs

Chainmonsters is now in next stage for the upcoming Closed Alpha launch.

This Phase 1 is focussing on security and displaying your NFTs and digital items in your account.

Two Factor Authentication

If you haven't yet, please enable 2FA for your game account to further increase your account security. Once secured, all Flow transactions will need to be approved.

This setting is strongly recommended for all our KICKSTARTER backers and those who have some Kickstarter NFTs in their possession already.

VIV3 users

If you have previously claimed your NFTs on VIV3 and want to transfer them to your game account then please enable 2FA in your VIV3 and your Chainmonsters account and wait for further instructions.

Next Steps Ahead

This week

Those Kickstarter backers that have filled out their Surveys will start to see their NFTs appear in their inventory this week. Keep in mind that this is a manual process so it takes some time for us to process all ~750 original backers.

Kickstarter backers will see an "Alpha Access" NFT in their account. Those who pre-ordered on our website will receive a game key directly to their inbox instead

If you have pre-ordered Alpha Access on our website then you will receive a Game Code to your email address you used during purchase later this week.

Next week

Next up is our Kickstarter Developmment Update for March which will give you some never before seen in-game footage of our brand new game world, art style and level of detail. This will be pretty huge and we know that you guys have been waiting for this for a long time. I promise the wait will be worth it ;)


Now, this is something everyone is super excited about hopefully!

Closed Alpha launch and marketplace launch.

We are very well on track to deliver the first playable Closed Alpha version of Chainmonsters to the world.

Explore, discover and battle your way through some of our very first brand new game areas, challenge your friends and unlock the very first three (3) Alpha-exclusive Pre-Season Rewards by completing quests and venturing deep into this world.

The Closed Alpha will be available on iOS (Testflight), Android and Steam.

Hope you are excited about the upcoming launch and we can't wait to battle you soon!