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Chainmonsters Soft-Launch

Chainmonsters Soft-Launch
We are excited to bring you the Chainmonsters Soft-Launch on iOS, Android and (Windows/Mac) today!

We are excited to bring you the Chainmonsters Soft-Launch on iOS, Android and (Windows/Mac) today!
The game can be downloaded directly right from your game account on our website:

How to Play

In order to play during our Alpha, you need to have either backed us on Kickstarter previously or purchased an Alpha Access from our website.

(Supports credit card through Stripe + DAI/USDC on ETHEREUM!)

Alpha Access grants you our complimentary Alpha Season Pass which allows you to earn 25 alpha-exclusive NFTs while helping us test the game.

Alpha 1

Our very first alpha version will let you unlock the very first 3 out of 25 Alpha exclusive Items. If you follow the story and dialogue in-game then you might have some idea what these items will be used for...

The full alpha over time will feature 25 items, cosmetics and super rare ingredients that should help you on your journey.

Please keep in mind that the alpha is in a very early process and will be extended, adjusted and modified quite a bit over the cominng weeks and months.


Items and NFTs you can find, earn and reward in game are currently on Flow Testnet - After ~2 weeks of heavy testing, scaling and monitoring we are going to switch to mainnet which enables you to play the game and keep your Season-Pass rewards in your account forever.

Giveaway during Testnet

Every player who loggs into the game at least once will be eligible for our giveaway after the testnet phase.

We are giving away one of the highly sought after mysterious tickets!

This NFT is limited to 500 in total and grants the owner exclusive access to a remote island where a mysterious legendary Chainmon can be found.

Access to the island through the ticket will have a 12 month exclusivity once the island unlocks for the first time - plus every player can only catch this special Chainmon exactly once. The ticket gets consumed in the process.

Alpha Preview with GymLeaderEd

We have teamed up with Youtube and Monster Tamer Personality Gym Leader Ed to bring you an exclusive Alpha Preview.