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Kickstarter Alpha Update

Kickstarter Alpha Update
If you are a Kickstarter Backer then you can now claim your Kickstarter-Badge and Alpha-Access Alpha launches this week!

Hey everyone,
we have moved a few things around on our website, it is now available through our official domain
Well... there are a few very important things


If you are a Kickstarter @Backer then you can now claim your Kickstarter-Badge and Alpha-Access

We have posted some easy to follow instructions here:

Flow Network

Flow Network is doing some maintenance on Wednesday between 8:00 AM PT to ~12:00 PM PT. This.... is a bit inconvenient for... many many super special secret reasons... ahem but... well... our website will be in maintenance mode during that time too. Other... elements... will not be affected


There will be TWO Videos this week. One where I dramatically try to explain what's going on with Alpha and beyond, what to expect, new roadmap... And then.. a second video hosted by @GymLeaderEd  (Youtube personality) which will be way more professional and includes alpha footage and insights into our development, art direction and next steps

Alpha Launch

We do launch this week. We won't tell you when. But it will be between Tuesday and Thursday at around 11am CET.

We are ready!

(11am because we want to monitor the servers as best as possible so if something breaks we can immediately push an update)

Easter Egg

PS: If you find something hidden on the website please use the social media tags #wenAlpha and #chainmonsters ...