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Soft-Launch Recap

Soft-Launch Recap
Thanks to all 3331 of you who checked out the very first alpha version of Chainmonsters so far!

Thanks to all 3331 of you who checked out the very first alpha version of Chainmonsters so far!

Alpha 1 was quickly followed up by Alpha-2 which included some day 1 fixes related to your player character being stuck, story quests not being completable and some minor other issues.

Scalability ✔️

All in all our game servers stood strong and supported more than 250 concurrent users without a sweat - meaning players online at the same time sending thousands and thousands of events, messages and interactions every single second.
For comparison, usually games with this massive multiplayer mechanic can handle up to 40.000 CCU on a single server so we did not expect to hit any limits yet but, you know - it's nice to see that we crushed our own playtest records from the previous years!

And this is not running on the Unity AAA Cloud infrastructure yet, this is just a single server so far.


As you may know, we are currently running on Flow testnet which means you do not keep your NFTs as part of the Season Pass yet - but you learn how you can unlock them and how basic game mechanics work.

Without your help and even after months and months of testing from our internal side we would not have found all those small little issues you detected across 300 different devices so far. THANK YOU for that!

As promised we are going to give away one Mysterious ticket to a lucky participant who plays during this TESTNET period at least once. You still have the opportunity to participate by downloading the game from your account and logging into it.

The winner will be announced shortly before we transition to mainnet which we are going to announnce in advance!

Next Steps

With this server stress test being completed, we are fixing the remaining quest-system and minor bugs and will then let everyone try their hands on it one more time - to make sure all systems are ready for mainnet launch. We expect a ton of you to log-in on day 1 so we are making sure that ALL PLATFORMS will be ready and playable and already on your device before we do the switch.

We have completed our own testing, now we need to make sure that the FLOW Blockchain is working nicely with our systems for which we are working on a queue to handle thousands and thousands of requests simultaenously.

Also clarification on the Alpha Badge:

Alpha Badge

Everyone who plays the game and has access to the Alpha will receive an additional "Alpha badge" (in addition to the 25 Season Pass NFTs). This special badge will be visible from your profile in-game and shows everyone that YOU participated in our early Alpha testing. Of course it is also an NFT.

The distribution of that token is going to be 100% random across all Alpha participants so even if you have not played the alpha yet, you will receive on of those rare badges as long as you are logging into the game at least once in the next couple of months.


We have gathered a bunch of reports from our Discord channel ( and are working on Alpha-3.

We do not have an ETA yet but we are working on the following fixes:

  • Translation errors/default language wrong
  • Quests stuck
  • NPCs out of range

In addition, our next top of the list feature is the battle system.

Battle System v1

The current battles are not so enjoyable because we just implemented the bare bones v1 of 2vs2 battles.

The new battle system will include proper Chainmon elemental types, (see elemental announcement )
stats and ability effects.

A fun and enjoyable battle system is one of THE core features of any monster taming game and with the elemental system, elemental ractions and new 2vs2 gameplay we want you to test this feature as soon as possible.

We are working on a new public Roadmap to be released with Alpha-3 shortly.

If you are running into any issues feel free to checkout our help page: