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Alpha-4 now available

Alpha-4 now available
Our next game update labelled as "Alpha-4" is now available on all platforms. Read patchnotes below

Our next game update labelled as "Alpha-4" is now available on all platforms. (*iOS pending)

Please download the newest version from (PC/Mac) and GooglePlay/Testflight for mobile.

Chainmonsters Alpha by B-Side Games
Chainmonsters is a massive multiplayer online RPG

Patch Notes

  • Added dynamic game updater
  • Drastically reduced initial download size on all platforms
  • Added first elemental reactions (Burning and Vaporize)
  • Added new battle UI elements
  • Added 4 Chainmons to each player in battle
  • Added ability to swap out Chainmons during battle
  • Added different encounter zones to each area
  • temporarily removed elemental (dis-)advantages
  • reduced ability cost of Flamethrower
  • reduced ability base dmg of Flamethrower
  • adjusted battle timings
  • added new battle effects
  • reworked quest system
  • smaller tweaks and adjustments

Developer Comments

We have completely reworked our quest system in a way which should completely erradicate any blocking issues some players may have encountered before.

The new exciting elemental system allows you to chain multiple abilities together to create strong elemental reactions.

In this update we are introducing "Burning" and "Vaporize".

As the elemental reactions are pretty strong at the moment, we had to temporarily disable all elemental (dis-)advantages. We will monitor the battles and tweak our algorithms over time to account for reactions and elemental type/dis-)advantages