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Chainmonsters July 2021 Update

Chainmonsters July 2021 Update
We just doubled our registered players from 10.000 to ca 20.000 in just over a week and we are excited to see so many new faces from all around the world popping up into the game!

We just doubled our registered players from 10.000 to ca 20.000 in just over a week and we are excited to see so many new faces from all around the world popping up into the game!

We would like to talk about a few exciting new changes happening to the game and our whole ecosystem over the course of August and September.

Alpha 6 Preview

As we promised, Alpha-6 will be our biggest and best game update to date, therefore a lot of time goes into the new mechanics, brand new algorithms and overall game flow.

Just a small little teaser of what’s about to come and we will go into much more detail about each new change in the near future!

Starting in the south in a small village, players will venture deeper into the very first continent to eventually join N-Corp.

The world you know is no more. As we approach the end of our Alpha phase we are putting everyone into the game‘s brand new intro levels.

Alpha-6 is expected to go live mid-August!

New Mechanics!

Replicating („catching“)

When you encounter wild Chainmons, you can try to use your Replicator device. If you are successful, a level 5 copy of the Chainmon is added to your global storage system and you can then add it to your Squad, train and increase their strength. Every time a Chainmons gets replicated there is a tiny percentage chance that it becomes a "shadow" variant...

Replicating consumes one replicator charge.

Storage and Squad management

After you replicated a few Chainmons and you are ready to battle, you should add them to your Squad. Assemble, build, change and swap out your Chainmons for any occassion on the fly.

Global storage allows you to access your whole collection from anywhere anytime.

Species re-design.

Every Chainmon species is unique. And we are taking this one step further from what you might be used to from other monster tamer games!

Every Chainmon now has a specific moveset, a pre-defined set of abilities that get stronger over time!

E.g. Chipleaf has 3 abilities and 1 "ultimate" ability.

They will always keep the same abilities but you can upgrade them through e.g. levelling to add new active/passive effects, additional damage and traits over time!

As we are releasing new Chainmons on a regular basis, every time the whole competitive "meta" of the game changes completely!


You can see all your received items as well as all NFTs connected to your account in-game. Use medicine to heal your wounds after a battle, collect and store various resources and craft rare materials (crafting coming in Beta later)

Resources in the game

Let's talk about resources. What are they actually?

Well, throughout your journey in Ancora (the world of Chainmonsters) you will complete quests, search for treasures and unlock special rewards. In order to increase your Chainmon's strength you will find special materials and resources that you can then give and/or feed to your Chainmons.

Chainmon strength

Increasing a Chainmon's strength happens through multiple mechanics:

  • battling wild encounters
  • unlocking Chainmon "potential"
  • Upgrading abilities and traits

Wild encounters

The traditional way of battling enough enemies to gain experience points and getting stronger over time.

Chainmon Potential

Every Chainmon starts off with Level 5 if replicated from a wild encounter.

As you gain experience, you will hit certain limits that you need to overcome. The "potential" of a Chainmon needs to be unlocked. This usually happens through the use of resources.


Your Chipleaf is Level 5 and you receive experience through battles until Level 20.

At Level 20 you need to unlock additional Potential. This process usually costs a bunch of resources and gets more expensive over time. Crafting lower level materials into higher level materials will play a big role when dealing with late stage Chainmons.

While story quests, world treasures and rewards will give you enough materials to get started, you might want to checkout the weekly challenges, boss battles and special event encounters to gain more resources that you can then spend on additional Chainmons.

If you don‘t feel like leveling your Chainmons yourself you can take a look at the marketplace and trade with other players directly.

There are 4 different rarities when it comes to our various resources and every Chainmon species - depending on their element - needs different resources to grow stronger.

The lower rarities only exist in the game while - through crafting - you can combine them into epic and legendary materials that exist as NFTs on Flow. Those are especially rare and required to unlock later stage potentials of any Chainmon and might end up becoming highly sought after on the marketplace.

More on that in the future..

Upgrading Abilities

As every Chainmon has a specific move-set, each ability can be made stronger over time. Whenever you unlock new potential, you also gain access to a few more ability levels.

Abilities add a multiplier to your DMG output.

E.g. „Flamethrower“ Level 1 does 100% dmg, level 2 does 114% dmg etc.

This scales up to e.g. 400% at level 100 and is only possible thanks to brand new battle and stats algorithms to be revealed shortly ;)

Marketplace Launch next week!

Our marketplace is finally being launched end of next week!

We need to do some minor changes to the way you interact and store your NFTs but we will send out instructions for that purpose early next week!


There is one more MAJOR change we haven‘t talked about. But… let‘s wait until we are a bit closer to Alpha 6 before we reveal this…

Make sure to stay up to date with our development through Discord:

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