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Chainmonsters Genesis Drop <19 hours left!

Chainmonsters Genesis Drop <19 hours left!
We are very excited to announce that our upcoming Genesis drop is less than 19 hours away!

We are very excited to announce that our upcoming Genesis drop is less than 19 hours away!

Update on FUSD

You can acquire FUSD through Moonpay, Ramp and Bloctoswap!

Due to the incredible high demand of FUSD, the verified and trusted Prime Trust is currently minting additional FUSD into the Flow ecosystem! We can expect the new liquidity to be available very soon!

To participate click here!


Prior to our official Open Beta release, we are dropping a limited amount of highly exclusive bundles on September 14th! Every bundle contains the fully unlocked first Beta Season Pass, with 25 Beta-Season-1 exclusive NFTs including scarce resources, cosmetics and materials in addition to Genesis specific super exclusive NFTs!

In the Legendary bundle, you will be able to get your hands on a guaranteed Amber Chainmon, only 1,000 will ever exist! These aren't as exclusive as the original Crystal Chainmons for our beloved Kickstarter backers, but they will be second scarcest Chainmon to date.


September 14th 7am PST / 4pm CEST on


Recap of our crazy ride!

As a quick recap, we just reached 55,000 players and more than $320,000 USD volume on our marketplace - all powered by our player-driven economy!

If you looked at the news, Chainmonsters has been all over the internet in the past couple of weeks! And it does not stop there!

After the Genesis Drop we are preparing the game for Open Beta launch on iOS, Android and Steam and with our current momentum we are aiming at 100,000 players on launch!