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Chainmonsters Development Update

Chainmonsters Development Update
Huge visual improvements, all NFTs are minted, new schedule and Flow Fest 2021!

We promised a huge update - here it is! Beta, NFTs and everything to know about the state of the game! Do not even dare skipping this update as the second half contains the most beautiful looking screenshots and gameplay elements you have ever seen in Chainmonsters!

Let's get started with NFTs as many of you are currently patiently waiting!


As you may know, every NFT "series" in Chainmonsters is handled as a "season". Once a season is over, their NFTs can no longer be minted again, making every season super scarce and potentially valuable for collectors.

Genesis NFTs

We have minted 1,000 Amber Chainmons, 3,500 N-Corp Jackets and 8,500 Beanies as part of our previous super successful Genesis Drop!

They will be distributed to everyone's account early next week. Distribution of serials will be made in full transparency and 100% randomized.

Alpha NFTs

Alpha Season is officially over! We have minted ALL remaining NFTs into everyone's account. There were some small delays involved because not everyone had their wallet fully prepared. But NO FEAR! We have minted those affected into our admin account and if your inventory is still empty today then you can send a message to our dedicated support team then we can take a look and provide instructions of how to claim them.


Flow Fest 2021

Flow Fest is happening right now! This is a multi-month immersion into the best experiences built #onFlow, 20+ projects for you to explore and a Mystery pack to grab!

What is the "Mystery Pack"?

Well, we can't reveal everything so far but let's put it this way...

We are part of it! And if you participate in this event then you have the chance to grab some FREE NFTs. We have hidden 4 different NFTs from Chainmonsters in this Mystery Box - can you find them all?

NFTs as part of the Flow Fest are part of the "Flow Fest 2021" season which comes right after our Genesis series and before the upcoming Beta.

All of them are going to be consumable/claimable NFTs - they will be destroyed on consumption - but of course you can always keep them without claiming for your collection.
The "Adventure Bundle" is in fact the "golden nugget" under our FlowFest NFTs as it includes a bunch of in-game (non-NFT) resources that will give you a slight headstart in the game, including Closed Beta Access!

Speaking about Beta...

The Game!

There is so much going on, where do we even start?!


Our visuals have seen a MASSIVE improvement since Alpha-7.

We have officially licensed a special Toon shader that allows us to display characters, Chainmons and our environment in a very specific way. This new look brings lots of depth to the game and enables our brand new unique game style.

Cyrus is one of the main characters in Chainmonster's story

3D battles

Our battles are now fully fledged in glorious 3D, every single ability and move is handcrafted, animated and allows for some truly stunning gameplay!

In terms of battles we are currently re-working several gameplay aspects to make them more engaging and fun! This includes a new stamina (STA) dynamic, an Ultimate ability and diverse and unique tactics and approaches on a per species basis!
For example, stamina is recovering at a specific rate each turn and the Ultimate ability needs to be "charged up" by using Stamina and/or Chainmon traits before you can use it.
In our design-simulations this has proven to bring much needed change to our existing battles! More on this in a future update once it's fully fleshed out!

World Building

If you played Alpha-7 you may have noticed loading screens between our levels. Well, in order to become a true "Open-World" style game we are currently working on a new streaming system which pretty much allows you to never have to load the game again - the world itself will be "streamed in" in the background, enabling a seamless experience across all of ouf 8 different regions/islands in the game!

Every island aims to become one massive level which you can explore with your friends.

bird's-eye view, only terrain, no objects

Expanding the team

Thanks to our Genesis Drop we are now in a position where we can expand our team, get additional services and platforms going and - most importantly - truly create our vision of Chainmonsters without having to sacrifice e.g. design or gameplay choices!

Before the end of the year we are looking to get additional full- and part-time team members onboarded including level design, an internal 3D artist, another gameplay programmer and to expand our support services!

If you are falling into one of these categories, don't hesitate to contact us here or wait for our job descriptions very soon! ;)

Closed Beta

Last but not least, we had to shift our timeline a little bit. Instead of a public and Open Beta in October, we are formally launching into the free Open Beta in February!

However, everyone with Alpha Access and everyone who participated in our Genesis sale is invited to join us in our Closed Beta starting November!

Closed Beta will be restricted to PC and Mac - we have to focus on the world building first before we can optimize for mobile platforms. Those will be available for Open Beta however!

The Beta Season Pass 1 will therefore be restricted to the Closed Beta, greatly limiting the NFT supplies further.

As we want to keep rewarding our earliest supporters and community we went out of our way and are granting everyone with previous Alpha Access the Beta Season Pass 1 for free! It has to be unlocked/earned in-game though and will require time spent in-game. (Genesis participants receive the season pass for free and fully unlocked already as part of their purchase)

If you do not fall into any of the above categories then listen closely!
During Flow Fest 2021 you can grab a "Mystery Pack" for free which may or may not include Closed Beta Access!

Alternatively - you can participate in our 100% FREE DROP during Flow Fest!

We are distributing a total of 30,000 Closed Beta access in our Drop.

Yep, that's right! A free drop, anyone can participate and therefore claim free Closed Beta Access. This drop will be handled by the team and more details will be revealed in the coming weeks!

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