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Chainmonsters: How to Access Closed Beta!

Chainmonsters: How to Access Closed Beta!
Today we would like to share details about our upcoming Closed Beta test scheduled for end of November!

How to get Access

Starting today(!) we are distributing between 30,000 and 100,000 Closed Beta Access Keys over the coming weeks and months up until Open Beta launch!

In order to be eligible we are launching a series of challenges - we will post giveaways through our own and partner social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc where you gather points by sharing and interacting with specific posts.

Other challenges will be directly related to in-game progress - so if you already have access you will be able to claim keys for your friends too! (More details when we launch!)

Closed Beta Access NFT

Every key will unlock a Closed Beta Access NFT. You can redeem it yourself, trade on the marketplace or send to a friend directly.

Alpha players / Genesis participants

If you played Alpha already or participated in our Genesis Drop then you are all set and Beta Access will be unlocked automatically for you! A green checkmark should already be visible in your game account!

Adventure Bundle

If you received an Adventure Bundle through FlowFest then you will be able to claim it for Access too!

Alpha Access NFT

If you happen to have an Alpha Access NFT remaining in your inventory you can also use it to gain access.

When is the Closed Beta Launch?

We are looking to publish the Closed Beta for PC and Mac end of November/early December.

What's in the Closed Beta?

Closed Beta allows you to participate in the game before our public Open Beta Launch scheduled for 2022.

You will be able to capture, level up and upgrade your Chainmons, earn Season Pass rewards (NFTs!), and participate in Player vs Player battles. Earn in-game currency and resources to purchase Replicators (catch devices) and gain a headstart before anyone else! Your experience, Chainmons and progression will persist between Closed Beta and full game launch!

Every player during Closed Beta will be able to unlock some free Season Pass tiers including a limited amount of NFTs. You can optionally purchase the premium Season Pass that enables all tiers (free and included for Alpha/genesis players)