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Chainmonsters now available on iOS and Android (Closed Beta)

Chainmonsters now available on iOS and Android (Closed Beta)
We are happy to announce that Chainmonsters is finally available on iOS and Android in Closed Beta!

We are happy to announce that Chainmonsters is finally available on iOS and Android in Closed Beta!

In order to play, register a free account on and get your hands on a Closed Beta key!

Keys are given away in Discord, Twitter  and our other social media channels.

1000 Keys Giveaway!


iOS - Testflight

Android - Google Play

PC + macOS -

You are required to download the game from again as we made some underlying major changes to the core systems

Closed Beta is expected to last until end of the year and will be updated with new content, new opportunities and most importantly: you keep your progress and inventory forever. Use this to your advantage to learn about the game, gather some extra coins and get involved at this early stage!

Patch Notes

There have been literally hundreds of optimization steps across the whole board to make the game run way more performant than previously. There is still a long way to go but for the current release we are pretty satisfied with our results. For that reason we are not listing them all one by one.

  • Vsync enabled by default on PC and macOS
  • New Fog system
  • fixed edge case causing the Season Pass UI to be locked after completion
  • fixed display of ability images not being renderer in battle
  • fixed various cases of players getting stuck in the world
  • remote player names are hiding their names in the distance and have a consistent size
  • added new chainmon stat system
  • modifications to cross-platform water renderer
  • optimized lighting in levels
  • fixed 'unstuck' button rendering over other UI elements
  • drastically reduced loading times between world and battle scenes (PC/Mac)
  • added new versioning text for easier debugging
  • encounters throughout the world are scalingg differently.
  • replaced or removed various encounter areas in the world to better adjust new scaling and player journey

New Stat algorithms and formulas

The new stat algorithms are not perfect yet but they put a much needed focus on the uniqueness of each and every Chainmon as well as their future utility as part of a Squad. The direction we are heading is to make every Chainmon a specific utility in various situations so that in the future Squad compositions will matter a lot and more diversity can be embraced.

  • Every Chainmon now has a set of unique base stats
  • 'Primary Stats' (ATK, DEF, HP) now scale with Potential Rank
  • 'Secondary Stats' (EM, STA, CritRate, CritDMG, Heal/Shield-Bonus, Resistance) are scaling with equipped Gear and - TBD - unique bonuses found in a unique Chainmon within a species (not implemented yet)

Battle Algorithms/Formulas

The battles have received some major formula changes too and a new 'Piority' mechanic in terms of abilities and the order of attacks. This brings much more control to the players and their decision making. This mechanic will be utlized in the near future to scale and balance e.g. a heavy hitting but slow Chainmon or vice versa.

  • Brand new damage algorithms and formulas (WIP!)
  • Causing an elemental reaction, e.g. 'Burning' now has a proper base DMG and scales with 'Elemental Mastery' (EM)
  • Each ability now has a 'Priority' which determines the speed and order of attack.

Season Pass Changes and 2X EXP

The current Season Pass model will see some changes in the near future. But for now, in order to allow our mobile players a chance to unlock the pass itself, we are extending the current Season Pass period until 15th of April 2022.
In addition to celebrate mobile launch, every player receives double EXP for the Season Pass for the remaining Season Pass period.

A quick reminder that if you already unlocked and claimed your Season Pass rewards in-game, you may still have to mint some of the items attached through the website by following this link


Make sure to join our Discord community where we are also posting new work-in-progress stuff from time to time in addition to those larger monthly updates!

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