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Chainmonsters Beta Phase 2 FAQ

Chainmonsters Beta Phase 2 FAQ
We have summarized some information regarding our upcoming Closed Beta Phase 2.

We have summarized some information regarding our upcoming Closed Beta Phase 2.

In our previous dev post we announced a few key changes that resulted in some confusion so this FAQ should clear things up! :)

When does Phase 1 end?

Phase 1 ends April 15th - all game progress including leveled up Chainmons, coins, resources etc will be saved. Game servers are shutting off in preparation for Phase 2 and the next updates.

How will Phase 2 of Closed Beta work?

Throughout the year we are hosting multiple series of events, sometimes shorter sometimes longer rounds where we focus our testing on one or just a few specific mechanics.
For example:
- Battle System Rework
- Friend/Group System
- Open World
- Character Creator
- Gear/Equipment
- and more!

Take a look at our roadmap!


When is Phase 2 of Closed Beta?

We are looking to follow up with a first test event shortly after the end of Phase 1 to keep the downtime between phase 1 and 2 to a minimum.

Who has Access to Phase 2?

Everyone with a (free) game account will have access and can participate in order to stress test our systems properly. The more players the better.

Are there incentives or rewards for participating?

Yes, we are looking into various options and will offer some reward(s) for participating in those upcoming events. The more players participate, the higher the rewards for everyone!

What changes for those with "Closed Beta" access?

You continue to have access throughout the year to our various tests and events. However in addition to that, you also get Early Access to the release version 1 week prior - which enables you to enjoy the game before anyone else in their final form.

What platforms will Phase 2 be available on?

Phase 2 will be available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac simultaenously!

How can I be informed about the launch of Phase 2 and dates?

Join our Discord and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know!

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