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Chainmonsters Dev Update (March 4th 2022)

Chainmonsters Dev Update (March 4th 2022)
We quickly enter March and continue our progress with the finalization of our first full game island and UI revamps. Read more about upcoming beta phases:

Full first island reveal!

After working on the full island for many months it's time to finally reveal the scope and outline! If you want to compare this to the currently available game area then it's as small as the lower right end of this concept!

We created several exciting new objects and models - anyone knows what's behind this super special plant?


Our UI overhaul continues and this not only includes the basic layout and style but also the icons used throughout the game.

Changes to the Beta lifecycle

If you login to the game you will see a timer running out which points at April 15th 2022. This indicates the end of the current "season" as well as the end of our Beta phase 1. The NFTs in the Season Pass will be locked and can never be minted again.

Afterwards the game will not be available for a short while as we prepare our MAJOR new steps.

Beta phase 2

What we learned from this phase 1 is that you want to play new content together with all platforms simultaenously without the delay we saw between PC/Mac and iOS/android launch. We are also entering a stage in the development of Chainmonsters which requires us to do testing in a way that requires many many players to play at the same time - a true STRESS TEST scenario.

We are aiming to have multiple of those stress test events that last a few days up to a week each throughout the year until we have our main launch. And each of those events will focus on one or multiple key mechanics, features or everything combined!

For example: Open World battles; Social and Friend Features; Story Quests, Dungeons, etc!

And since game dev is an asynchronous process, every of those events will benefit from feedback from previous tests and the game evolves over time.

Access to those events will be UNRESTRICTED. Anyone with a game account will be able to participate.
This enables us to activate a maximum amount of players to truly give our servers and architecture a challenge they deserve.

Players that have acquired the "Closed Beta" key will be granted 1 week early access to the main launch enabling them to experience the full game before anyone else.

Main Launch

The game will be considered to be version "1.0" when it comes out into Open Beta. Afterwards new islands, new Chainmons and many many content updates will expand the game and universe for a long time to come.

The launch window is currently end of 2022 but we are ready to push to February 2023 if any aspect of the game requires additional attention. After working on this game for so many years and finally seeing our vision coming to life and literally hundred thousands of you enjoying it, we want to make the experience perfect. (We just hit 130.000 pre-registrations for the game!)

If you want to learn more and join our community, please join iur Discord:

Join the Chainmonsters Discord Server!
Check out the Chainmonsters community on Discord - hang out with 18,927 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.