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Beta Phase 2 reveal AMA!

Beta Phase 2 reveal AMA!
We gathered the most commonly asked questions from our Beta Phase 2 reveal and present you the answers today!

We gathered the most commonly asked questions from our Beta Phase 2 reveal and present you the answers today!

If you missed the reveal, this is it:

Question: Is there anything from beta 1 that you bring with to 2nd beta?

Yes, everything you achieved in Beta Phase 2 including in-game currencies, caught Chainmons etc will carry over into Phase 2 and beyond!

Question: Will upgrades and modifications to your house/island cost resources?

The Housing system has it's own progression, resources and requirements. New furniture is unlocked through Blueprints that you gather on your journey and through special events.

Question: Are the mobile versions going to be available at the same time as PC? Or different release dates?

We are planning to have them available for most testing at the same time as PC.

Question: Is there a new ETA for full launch?

The current ETA for full launch is February 2023. There are many moving parts in the background including a potential new platform and ultimatively testing in phase 2 will decide if we are ready for February 2023 or not as we aim for a fully polished experience on main launch including lots of additional content like events and such. We will update the community on the timeline throughout the year!

Question: Is the housing island limited to the owning player or can anyone put up furniture and plants etc?

By the current design, only the owner of the island and/or house can actively change what's on their island. However, we are looking into guild/clan-owned properties/places as well for the future.

Question: Is this second phase and open beta or closed?

With the launch of Beta Phase 2, anyone can participate and help us test the game for free. There is no access key or such thing required going forward!

Question: Are the shadows ("shinys") just different colors or stronger sub-types?

The "shadow" variation of a Chainmon is being renamed in a future version for some secret reasons first of all. They are not stronger than regular Chainmons but feature a special appearance and may be required for some quests and activities - e.g. capturing a "shadow" variation as part of a quest-line.

Question: Do we need to download a new app for Beta Phase 2 on mobile?

No, if you have the mobile game installed already then you will just have to update it once Phase 2 is available.

Question: Can you mint Chainmonsters on blockchain?

Any Chainmon can be minted into an NFT by utilizing a "Mint Token". Not sure why the token features a gigantic moustache or if it is related to anything in-game...


We thank each and everyone for submitting questions and if we did not feature your question yet, feel free to post them into our Discord:

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We will be back with some regular dev-updates next week!