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Chainmonsters Development Update August 2022

Chainmonsters Development Update August 2022
Our next big development update is here and today we reveal awesome new changes to both UI, world building as well as more details about the upcoming demo launch!

Our next big development update is here and today we reveal exciting new changes to both UI, world building as well as more details about the upcoming demo launch!

We recently shared some AMAZING scenery from our night time, check it out:

Stingloreon Crystal Skin

You may have seen our previous reveal of some 3D crystal skins in this video.
Today we reveal the official crystal skin variation of Stingloreon! Every skin is handcrafted and allows for additional details to be added, giving each and every Chainmon a unique extra charme!

Small UI changes

NPCs and objects of interest now feature their name as well as an optional class/profession/identity sub-title making it easier to identify important characters.

Standing next to an object of interest (NPCs, items, etc) you now have a new UI popup shown in the following screenshot as well as a touch-icon for mobile and the hotkey for PC/Mac.

World design

The world of Chainmonsters is a vivid space, filled with interesting characters and tamed Chainmons. We added a couple of them to key locations and incorporated them into their owners' backstory. All across Ancora you will find friendly Chainmons belonging to various characters, being part of their identity and history.

Max Ferris with his brave companion "Chonka"
Friendly Pyro standing next to the fireplace
A wild Dreamcrawl hiding inside a shipwreck.

Additional concepts

For one of our major new areas on the first island we have been preparing and concepting new N-Corp facilities including to a major camp site where N-Corp is operating from.

Game Demo

We are in the final stages of working on the game demo, polishing every small detail and will announce the release date end of August!
We want to generate as much interest and exposure as possible with the demo launch so in the past few months we prepared a battleplan.
The demo will feature daily activities that help us stress test various new and reworked game features such as daily quests, challenges (PvP) and more. In order to incentivize as many of you as possible to give it a try and help new players, we are going to give away most of our exclusive items, cosmetics and more (NFTs) from previous crowdfunding sales through a weekly raffle/leaderboard system.
Details will be published prior to release but this will also include Crystal and Amber skins and even some of the Kickstarter rewards still in our posession that we pledged to give away to you, our beloved community!

On-chain activity

On another note, we have launched a new "GameContract" system on Flow that is a basic proof of concept to record game-activity on-chain. Every DAU in the game will be reflected on-chain from now on including some specific game-events. They are being tracked by aggregation sites like DappRadar so this should give us some nice traffic once the demo has launched. Plans beyond this proof of concept system will be revealed after the demo launch in a future update.

We hope you are just excited as we are and we can't wait to see you all back in Ancora!

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