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Chainmonsters Demo Week 1 Update!

Chainmonsters Demo Week 1 Update!
The first week of our public Demo launch is now over and we are excited to bring a range of improvements and new FEATURES to the demo TODAY!

Chroma Chainmons

Every Chainmon has a Chroma variation that is super rare and can be encountered if you are lucky!

They do not differentiate itself from the default variation by stats or strength, instead they feature a special appearance. This is our take on "shinies" or "Luma" from other monster taming games! The demo has increased encounter chances compared to full launch so go, catch them all!

(You need to enter a battle to discover the Chroma variations - due to technical limitations in the demo they appear normal in the game world)

Improvements & Bug Fixes

The demo has been updated to improve performance on all platforms. Various bug fixes (shoutout to everyone who reported in Discord!!) and adjusted scaling for levels, exp etc.

New daily activities have been added that incentivize PvP play.

The level/exp curve has been fixed as the previous implementation was not calculated correctly - as a result, you may discover adjusted levels for your existing Chainmons.

Cyrus will return next week where you need to prove yourself before all N-Corp agents in an epic brand new story chapter that concludes the Demo storyline.

First giveaway winners!

We counted more than 5000 unique players already!

For our week 1 raffle we pulled 100 winners and the results can be seen here:

If you want to participate in next week's raffle, make sure to follow these steps:

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