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Chainmonsters Dev Update November 2022

Chainmonsters Dev Update November 2022
The game's development is progressing rapidly so we can now focus more on the additional, NFT mechanics coming soon!

Today we would like to talk about all the exciting new developments of Chainmonsters plus we discuss how some very interesting NFT mechanics are going to work!

Game Progress

Since the demo launch there have been a couple of very important developments and we thank everyone who gave us feedback so far! In fact, as the game's development is progressing rapidly, we are now able to talk about some NFT utility/mechanics in more detail as some will be available in the game at main launch already

Chainmonsters Demo now available for everyone for free!
The long awaited demo has launched on Steam, iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free! No account required!

Minimap/World Map

Work on an in-game map is in progress. Players will have both a minimap as well as a fullscreen world map where you can switch between different islands and regions of Ancora.

minimap - work in progress
world map - heavy work in progress

Teleport to unlocked locations and set waypoints to guide you through the world easily.

New NPC and Loot System

In order to handle the massive open world and very first major island, we have refactored the NPC and loot system to have thousands of interactable objects placed in each region at once.


Many activities in the game will be reflected in challenges and achivements. Completing them is not only a fun challenge, each one also rewards you with a new currency that can be used to purchase goods from special NPCs and vendors.

A closer look at some of our NFT Mechanics

Island/LAND ownership

If you saw our upcoming Foundation sale news then you are probably wondering how having your very own island/LAND is going to work in Chainmonsters.

For general housing, please take a look at our video

Every player in the game will get access to a free island with one player house eventually. There you can place cosmetics and furniture - both on the exterior and interior - and relax with your caught Chainmons. Other friends can be invited over to have a great time together.

Those free islands however only exist virtually and look the same for all players. One layout and design shared.

Through the Foundation Sale however, you are able to get your hands on certain very special islands that will be part of the actual game world(!).

These are limited to 3.000 in total, divided into 3 different variations - all handcrafted and designed to offer an exclusive and unique look.

A Tropical Island that can be your home - Only available in limited supply during the Foundation Sale

Through the game you can open a special map that displays all 3,000 islands at once - from there you can check ownership of each island, the kind of crafting stations and events happening right now. The more you build on your island and the higher you upgrade e.g. crafting stations, the more other players will be incentivized to visit it.

When you place crafting stations on your island, other players can use them and you earn the fee in coins. (E.g. upgrading a material from level 2 to 3 costs coins)

Island/LAND Utility:

  • owning a unique and exclusive island variation
  • your island is placed on the game map, accessible by anyone to visit
  • place and upgrade crafting stations to earn crafting fees from other players
  • more space for objects to be placed due to size of island
  • host events in this exclusive location and become a part of the game


Minting Chainmonsters on-chain

At the core of the game we of course have our unique creatures called Chainmonsters or Chainmons. You catch them in-game, train them and optimize your squad to overcome battles and challenges. But how can you transfer or trade a Chainmon from your account to someone else?

Mint Tokens

A Mint Token

A Mint Token mints a Chainmon into an NFT. This stores all unique features of your Chainmon like IVs, variation (Chroma/normal/???) while preserving your ability to continue training or even evolving.
You are then able to trade it with another player or sell on the marketplace. This feature will be available on Chainmonsters main launch.

There is an organization referred to as the Mint Club in-game, that stores special challenges and rewards (NFTs) for those, joining their exclusive endeavours...

Crystal/Amber Skins

During our Kickstarter we offered 600 exclusive crystal skins that can be applied to your Chainmons. It is a non-consumable item and can be worn by one Chainmon at a time. This feature will be available on Chainmonsters main launch same as the Amber Svania skin.

Join Discord to chat and coordinate with other players!

Foundation Drop Details
Learn more about our upcoming Foundation NFT drop on November 16th including when, where and how to participate!


Join the Chainmonsters Discord Server!
Check out the Chainmonsters community on Discord - hang out with 18,393 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.