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Foundation Drop Details

Foundation Drop Details
Learn more about our upcoming Foundation NFT drop on November 16th including when, where and how to participate!

After our successful free demo launch, we are dropping a limited amount of highly exclusive NFTs on November 16th!
NFTs from this drop are based upon our highly anticipated housing/land feature coming to the game in Early Access!


In the legendary bundle, you will be able to get your hands on a guaranteed Island that you can use as your home base, customize to your liking and other players can visit anytime! Only 3,000 will ever exist!
Those islands will be part of the game world, accessible and visible on a special map to anyone!

Besides full scale island ownership, you can obtain some similarly exclusive cosmetics to be used on those islands!


Pre-Sale: November 16th 7am PST / 4pm CEST on
Public-Sale: November 17th 7am PST / 4pm CEST on

Foundation Land Pre-Sale
We would like to invite our fans and newsletter subscribers to a special opportunity: The Foundation/Land Pre-Sale!


There is no special requirement, you can use any of the following wallets

Dapper Wallet

  • use credit card
  • use Dapper balance


Foundation Packs

All items, islands and the house are 100% exclusive to the Foundation Drop series and will never be obtainable in-game.


Rare Pack

Rare Pack - 20 USD

  • includes two (2) ouf of six (6) furniture items/cosmetics
  • every item has a chance to upgrade to a house or island(!)
Epic Pack

Epic Pack - 80 USD

  • includes two (2) ouf of six (6) furniture items/cosmetics
  • includes one (1) exclusive player house
Legendary Pack

Legendary Pack - 200 USD

  • includes two (2) ouf of six (6) furniture items/cosmetics
  • includes one (1) out of three (3) possible islands

NFT Details

Nordic Island (1000 supply)

An exclusive island based on a northern-European shore and coastline. Rough cliffs and windy weathers provide a unique view and environment.

Nordic Island concept
NFT graphic for Nordic Island
overview of layout and size

Lakeside Island (1000 supply)

An exclusive island based on a large lake and deep forest all around. Super cozy atmosphere all year around.

Lakeside Island concept
NFT graphic for Lakeside Island
overview of layout and size

Tropical Island

An exclusive island based on a tropical island. Palms, beaches and warm weather define this unique look and atmosphere.

Tropical Island concept
NFT graphic for Tropical Island
overview of layout and size

Aetherian Statue (7667 supply)

Aetherian Statue

This massive statue of a mysterious Chainmon called "Aetherian" is made out of a special material that glows day and night. The creator is unknown but it seems to come from ancient times...

Crystal Cache (7667 supply)

A collection of emissive Crystals, collected from the depths of Ancora. Bursting with energy, yet to be discovered.

Hybrid Planter (7667 supply)

A hybrid planter that inhibits a special plant. N-Corp is categorizing specimen from all over the world and puts them into those closed up systems.

Fountain (7667 supply)

Owning your very exclusive fountain not only catches all the attention, it also serves as a nice access to fresh water for the creatures on Ancora.

Wooden Lamp (7667 supply)

Having a cozy, warm lamp inside a tree will make any visitors feel just at home!

Holo Projector (7667 supply)

Place this Holographic projector anywhere and choose what to display! Any Chainmon can be turned into a hologram!

Over the coming days we will reveal more details including how awesome they look in-game, how the island/LAND looks like etc!

Pre-Sale Bonus

On Day 1 of our Foundation Drop we will have a limited amount of packs available with a special promotion! More details to be revealed in the coming days!

Housing reference:

  • customize your island to your liking
  • grow plants and special resources
  • become a permanent resident of the game world and experience
  • own an exclusive piece of land


We are working with the Gaia team to make exchanging and trading NFTs from the Foundation Drop available as soon as possible.
Blocto users will be able to use existing marketplaces from day 1 without interruption.

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