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Foundation/LAND sale now live!

Foundation/LAND sale now live!
Our Foundation/LAND sale is now live!

Our Foundation/LAND sale is now live!


For the first 7 days, there is a presale bonus going on. Learn more here

Foundation Land Pre-Sale
We would like to invite our fans and newsletter subscribers to a special opportunity: The Foundation/Land Pre-Sale!
Foundation Drop Details
Learn more about our upcoming Foundation NFT drop on November 16th including when, where and how to participate!

Foundation Scope

Today our new public crowdfunding launches through the Foundation NFT sale, releasing a number of limited/exclusive items to be used in the game.

The sale is designed to be running continuously for a - presumably - long time. For those that come in early, we have increased the chances to obtain a free upgrade inside your boxes by 50%(!). This bonus is only available in the first 7 days and you need to redeem/open your boxes in this time frame to benefit from the increased chances.

As this sale does have a large volume we are expecting continuous sales, varying on a daily and weekly basis. Mostly centered around events, game updates and marketing pushes.

Nordic Island available as LAND

Dapper Wallet

This is the very first time we are launching on Dapper Wallet which opens up access to the game and sale to a completely new audience! As we just finished integration, exposure to Chainmonsters and marketing has not started yet but will commence in the following days.

Download the free DEMO:

What's next?

The team and game are focusing on main launch - due in February 2023 - however, as we continue to implement NFT mechanics we may share new playable previews soon!
The last developer update showcases a few new features coming to the game as well.

Chainmonsters Dev Update November 2022
The game’s development is progressing rapidly so we can now focus more on the additional, NFT mechanics coming soon!


Join the Chainmonsters Discord Server!
Check out the Chainmonsters community on Discord - hang out with 18,383 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.