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Road to Main launch!

Road to Main launch!
Chainmonsters is moving towards our main launch in Q1 of 2023! Foundation Sale coming up and more!

Chainmonsters is moving towards our main launch in Q1 of 2023! Foundation Sale coming up and more!

Demo Recap

You can checkout our free demo on Steam, iOS and Android here and try out the game for yourself if you have not yet!

Chainmonsters Demo now available for everyone for free!
The long awaited demo has launched on Steam, iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free! No account required!

More than 10.000 players have tried out the game yet and given us incredible valuable feedback which we are incorporating into the development!

Main Launch ahead!

With how well the demo has been received by old and new players alike, we are confident to deliver the full 1.0 game experience in Q1 of 2023!
This means however that we are not going to have a second Beta phase and instead, launch directly into "Early Access" where all content, progress etc will be yours to keep forever.

As you may remember, the game world of Chainmonsters is massive and is split into at 8+ unique islands that will be available over time as the game, story and new challenges, Chainmons and more will be introduced to the game.

As a quick comparison - here you can see how much bigger the actual very first island is compared to the standalone demo world...

the red rectangle representing the size of the demo island

Follower Chainmons!

As a small teaser, in the Early Access version you will be able to select one of your Squad members as a follower.

This way you can not only show off your favourite squad member - later on - it will also play a part in solving puzzles in the game world where e.g. a small Chainmon has to collect an item from inside a tiny enclosure or a Chainmon capable of digging or flying has to be used for other situations...

Foundation Sale Coming Soon!

Last but not least, you hopefully remember our Housing feature coming soon during Early Access to the game!

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Dapper Wallet and Flow Blockchain team to present you a special opportunity to get your hands on some highly exclusive furniture items and even 1 out of 3 exclusive full scale islands you can use in the game for yourself!

The primary sale will happen through our website and we are working closely with Gaia marketplace to enable immediate support for secondary sales on day 1.
More details will be revealed in the next couple of days but you do not want to miss the date:

16th of November 2022

Join Discord to chat and coordinate with other players!

Join the Chainmonsters Discord Server!
Check out the Chainmonsters community on Discord - hang out with 18,474 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.