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Chainmonsters launching onIMX - February 20th 2023

Chainmonsters launching onIMX - February 20th 2023
We're thrilled to announce that we have partnered up with ImmutableX!

Another week comes to a close here at B-Side Games and the team are busy preparing for the Early Access Launch that was announced during our last update! This can be found here -

Today we have some more exciting news for the community that we're really happy to share with you all.

We're thrilled to announce that we have partnered up with ImmutableX! Meaning with the help of their bleeding-edge ZK-rollup technology, users will now be provided with secure gas-free minting and trading of all Chainmonsters digital assets, allowing players to mint their caught Chainmons as NFT's on ImmutableX.

This partnership will provide more variation across the ecosystem as assets will be distributed across all of ImmutableX-integrated marketplaces such as Rarible, GameStop Marketplace, and TokenTrove. The team at B-Side Games are incredibly excited about this partnership, for more details on our new partnership follow the link here -

In the coming days a help desk guide with Instructions on how to migrate your NFT's from Flow to ImmutableX will be available!

ImmutableX / Chainmonsters

Additionally, we're delighted to add that not only can you explore the vast open world of Ancora on iOS and Android, but Chainmonsters will also be available on the Epic Games Store! Making Chainmonsters one of the first blockchain games on the platform. That means that you will be able to find and play the game there from the 6th of March 2023. Furthermore, cross-platform play will be available on all three platforms!

Coincidentally due to this, the team look forward to implement the many services and opportunities that the Epic Games Store provide, in the game overtime! Please be sure to add the game to your wish list on the Epic Games Store that can be found here -

Epic Games / Chainmonsters

Due to these announcements we're sure members of the community will have plenty of questions which is why we have chosen to release our Early Access Launch FAQ next week. Meaning you have more time to ask questions on our Discord server in the "FAQ-Questions" section.

Lastly, more members of the community have been reaching out for our Press-kit which has plenty of content and information that can be used online. You can find the link for this below.


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