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Chainmonsters Community Newsletter - February 24th 2023

Chainmonsters Community Newsletter - February 24th 2023
First off, starting on Monday the 27th of February, we'll start enabling user migration of NFTs from 2PM CET!

The team is hard at work getting ready for the launch on March 6th as we head into the final week of February. We are eager to meet you all in-game. In this week's blog post, we wanted to provide updates and address some frequently asked questions from the community.

First off, starting on Monday the 27th of February, we'll start enabling user migration of NFTs from 2PM CET! Migration is completely free for users, there will be no fee's needed to migrate. As previously stated, a help-desk article outlining quick and easy steps to accomplish this will be published. Additionally, technical support will be available to help with any issues that may arise so please be sure to contact our support team if you encounter any technical difficulties here.

Frequently asked questions from the community

Are the islands accessible immediately?

The major housing/island gameplay update will debut in Q2. The update will introduce players to a unique housing and island experience that will add another layer of excitement to the game.

How big will the game world be?

The massive open world island update is currently in production and we will make this accessible as a preview relatively soon.  As the new story chapters are released, major patches and updates will be released expanding on the open world. Furthermore, player customisation will be part of a major update this year.

Open World Scenery 

Will the game be available to play on consoles as well?

The game will initially be playable from March 6th on iOS (testflight), Android, and PC via the Epic Games Store. Console variants are in the works but at that moment in time we cannot give a precise timeline for this. We're working with the different platforms to make Chainmonsters available on those as soon as we can.

Are Chainmons available as non-nft and nft at the same time?

It is possible to use a mint token in-game to turn your captured Chainmons into NFT's except for the Chipleaf that you begin your adventure with, but doing so is entirely optional. Once minted you cannot undo this. However, if you mint a Chainmon, you can still level it up and further improve that Chainmon in game and even evolve it! The stats and attributes are continuously updated to reflect the current state on chain and will be available almost in real time on our close partner marketplaces for example TokenTrove.

How will I bridge my NFT's from Flow to IMX? As I have over 100 stored NFT's in my inventory.

The migration starts from 2PM CET on Monday the 27th of February. The team will publish a blog post in relation to this along with a help desk article outlining the straightforward procedures for migrating your NFT's to IMX. This will be done with the click of a button and can be carried out in bulk, there is no limit on the amount of NFT's you can move. Both Blocto and Dapper wallet will be available to use through the migration process.

Will there be a friend list?

On all platforms, users will be able to add their friends through the Epic Games Store, and additional chat features will be implemented over time.

Will there be a season pass?

A recurring season pass with an average duration of 30 days will be available. Giving access to limited items, resources, materials, and NFT's that are only available during the current season.

Are NFT's from Alpha and Beta season usable in the game on release?

The majority of NFT's, including the limited monster skins, consumables, and mint tokens, are usable upon release.

Will the UI feature marketplace integration, so we can buy things we need like resources on the fly as the game grows?

We will incorporate the immutable passport into the game once it launches, which is anticipated in April. This will give players access to the marketplace and permit transfers and trading within the game itself.

How many houses can you have in game?

We will go over this in more detail before the major housing/island update. There is a limit to how many houses and other pieces of furniture you can place on each island, but we have not yet reached a technical limit.

Will chroma variants be available on release?

Upon release, the Chroma variants which are extremely rare will be obtainable. Any encounter with a wild Chainmon can lead to their discovery, but the likelihood of doing so is extremely low and not guaranteed.

How will more than one account from the same household be supported?

Each person is only permitted to have one account. Therefore, individuals are only permitted to create one account for themselves and are not permitted to create additional accounts. However, each separate person living in the same home can have their own account.

Are we planning a sale?

More information on this will be made available in the future, as our current priority is the game's launch. We will redesign and restart the foundation sale on IMX. As a result of our migration to IMX, the land NFTs now have added details, traits, and mechanics that will be revealed and explained in the near future.

As the game's release date approaches, more updates are due to be published. Be sure to follow the Discord server and join in with the community.


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