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Chainmonsters Community Newsletter - February 3rd 2023

Chainmonsters Community Newsletter - February 3rd 2023
We’re happy to announce that the Early Access Launch’s release date is February 28th 2023, in less than 4 weeks' time!

One month of 2023 has already passed as we begin our venture into the month of February. Today the team have some much-anticipated news for the community!

You guessed it,

We’re happy to announce that the Early Access Launch’s release date is March 6th 2023, in less than 4 weeks' time!

To confirm this is the Official Main Launch of the game, which will therefore be updated with both minor and major updates continuously over time, and it will be free to play for everyone. This means that players can now keep their progression, everything you achieve and earn in the game will now stay with you forever. Furthermore, Chainmons can also be minted, thus storing their stats permanently on the blockchain, enabling trades between players. Minted Chainmons can continuously be improved by levelling, increasing training values, and potential. Even allowing them to still evolve.  

Minting Confirmation UI 

We understand that the community will have lots of questions regarding the Early Access Launch that could not all be answered in one of our weekly newsletters. Therefore, we will be adding a new section to our discord channel, which can be followed at the bottom of this web page. Members of the community can post their questions about the launch there. Next week we will release an FAQ answering the most standout, relevant questions presented to us during the week.

Alongside the Early Access Launch, the team can't wait to share some more very exciting and important news in the coming weeks before the launch!

Secondly, we wanted to bring a sneak peek at some new User Interface updates, the team has been working on throughout the week. (Please note the Gear Icons shown are only there as placeholders currently)

Updated User Interface
Minting Progress UI 

Finally, the team just want to take the time to thank our supporters and the community. Your continuous support and enthusiasm towards the game are what keep the team going! We look forward to seeing and meeting you all in-game on February 28th 2023!


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