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Migration to IMX

Migration to IMX
Our team has now finished and published a helpdesk article with straightforward guidelines for migrating your assets

As was stated in a previous post at the beginning of the previous week. Chainmonsters have partnered up with IMX. The focus of today's post will be to highlight some important information, specifically regarding the migration of your assets.

Our team has now finished and published a helpdesk article with straightforward guidelines for migrating your assets, which can be found here. The article contains all of the information required to transfer all assets over to IMX with the push of a button.

Players do not need to manually remove listings from any marketplace on Flow, because the migration process automatically invalidates them and they cannot be purchased.

Depending on how many other users are migrating at the same time, your NFTs will appear in your wallet shortly after the migration transaction has been successful. Please be patient while waiting for your inventory to update because many users will be migrating their assets at the same time. Because assets are processed one at a time, some items may take longer than others to appear in your inventory depending on their system queue.

Each migration transaction is limited to 300 assets, so if you have more than 300 assets on Flow, you may have to execute the migration transaction multiple times.

Any technical problems or questions you may have can be answered by our dedicated support staff. You can reach them here.

Please note, we're currently working with the Dapper Wallet team to enable migration. We will update the community once we have an update!

The marketplace is now live on TokenTrove which can be found here.  More IMX marketplaces will be available soon!

TokenTrove Marketplace

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