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Chainmonsters Community Newsletter - March 24th 2023

Chainmonsters Community Newsletter - March 24th 2023
We are pleased to announce that we identified and optimized major performance issues and therefore iOS will be available through Testflight shortly!

The team has some updates on the iOS version of the game as March draws to a close, as well as some new patch notes.

Many members of our community have been eagerly awaiting the game's release on iOS; we are pleased to announce that our final review and submission have been authorised and that the game is now available through Testflight on iOS!

Users need to have Testflight installed on their iOS devices in order to play the game. Open this link on your iOS device to join the game!


Our patch notes contain all the most recent bug fixes and improvements. The team optimised both tree rendering and the overall level of detail (LOD) in this week's update. Alongside some important bug fixes and other details.

As a final note, players who participated in the Closed Beta can now access their inventory and any Chainmons that were transferred to the new system. Given that we made breaking changes to the Potential system between Closed Beta and Early Access, the migration may have had an impact on certain Chainmons' total level.

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