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Chainmonsters Land Sale Announcement!

Chainmonsters Land Sale Announcement!
We are pleased to announce that the eagerly awaited Land Sale will begin on March 15th at 6 p.m. CET.

We are thrilled that a large number of both new and seasoned players have logged on to the servers and started their Chainmonsters journey. The upcoming land sale is the focus of some exciting news in this week's post!

Land Sale

We are pleased to announce that the eagerly awaited Land Sale will begin on March 15th at 6 p.m. CET.  Click the button below to go to the Foundation sale

Informational background on the Land Sale

LAND is heavily constrained to a total collection size of 3000 NFTs and includes incredibly rare attributes and traits that are exclusive to these NFTs. Every plot of LAND is accessible directly in the game world through a special continent divided into three different regions.

The base for the player's home is provided by each of the three regions—Nordic, Lakeside, and Tropical—each of which has its own distinctive and handcrafted design.

Nordic Region

A few islands contain a hidden "artefact treasure" that can only be looted once by a single player, unlocking this particular artefact NFT, which only exists 50 times in total!

The scarcity of each artefact is 1.66%

The island may also have a "Blessing" effect, granting them an exclusive boost to the housing system. For example, the "Blessing of the Carpenter" reduces build time by 20% all across this island.

The Scarcity of each Blessing is 7.5%

A player can own and farm as many islands as they wish, each one giving them the opportunity to customize and build to their liking. Except for the artefact, the limited resources on these islands can be shared among friends and replenish over time.

Still looking for more information? A detailed Roadmap and Housing guide with more details will be released on Monday!

Lakeside Region

Purchase Options

The Land Sale will feature two purchase options. The Mystery Box and the Land Box. There will be 500 Land Boxes and 2000 Mystery Boxes.

Just to note, the LAND collection size is limited to 3000 islands in total! In this sale only 550 islands will be distributed.
Mystery Box (50 USD)

The Mystery Box includes 5 random NFTs across all seasons with a 2.5% to include a LAND NFT!

Land Box (200 USD)

The Land Box includes 1 guaranteed LAND plot and 2 NFTs across all seasons.

Additionally, Bulk Buy options are available and will result in a discount being applied.

If you Bulk Buy 5 boxes you will receive a 8% discount on total price!  

If you Bulk Buy 10 boxes you will receive a 12% discount on total price!

Make sure you've joined the Discord Server where members of the community are conversing with one another.


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