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Land Sale - Attributes, Traits and Rarity

Land Sale - Attributes, Traits and Rarity
The Land sale is going live on IMX in a few hours!

The Land sale is going live on IMX in a few hours! Click the button to go to the sale page.

Land Sale Details


March 15th 5pm CET / 9am PST on


  • A registered and verified game account
  • An external wallet compatible with Immutable X
  • Ensure you have Ethereum on IMX (L2)

How-to Guides

Land Sale - How to Buy

How to deposit ETH (L1) to Immutable X (L2)

Collection Size
3,000 Land NFTs across 3 regions

Mint Prize
0.12 ETH (1x)
0.552 ETH (5x with 8% discount!)
1.056 ETH (10x with a 12% discount!)

This first sale on IMX only distributes 550 LAND in total, so in this sale only 500 LAND boxes are up for sale. The other 50 have a 2.5% chance to appear in the Mystery Boxes!

Drop Chances

Supply of Kickstarter/Alpha/Beta/Season 1 NFTs varies due to the limited supply.

Kickstarter(1.6%), Genesis(3%), Alpha(16.5%), Beta(40.7%), Season 1(8.2%), FlowFest(10.9%), Foundation(19.1%)


1. Are the Land Boxes minted directly?

They are all pre-minted and distributed randomly throughout the sale.

2. Do I need a game account for purchasing?

Yes you will need a game account for making a purchase in the land sale. If you don't already have one you can register online here -

3. I have different wallets and I would like to use different ones for the sale is this possible?

It is not necessary for the wallet used to make the payment to matter because the NFTs are sent to the wallet used to purchase the boxes. However, you may want to transfer them later to the wallet associated with the game account.

4. Can I use a wallet that is not connected to my Chainmonsters account?

As mentioned in the questions above you need a Chainmonsters account to make a purchase in the sale but your wallet does not matter. You can use a wallet that is not associated with your account to make the purchase.

5. What is an island? What makes this so special?

An island is a physical location on the map. There's 3,000 of them in total, and that's all there will ever be. You'll have the opportunity to not just own a permanent placement on the map of Ancora, but also to customise the island. The island can be visited by other players. They can all admire your furniture, houses, plants, and much more.

6. Can we sell/trade the Islands?

Yes! They're NFTs, do with them what you will.

7. What are the LAND types are available?

There are 3 unique pieces of LAND up for grabs, Lakeside Island, Tropical Island, and Nordic Island.

Land NFT Details

Nordic Island (1000 supply)

An exclusive island based on a northern-European shore and coastline. Rough cliffs and windy weathers provide a unique view and environment.

Nordic Island Concept

Lakeside Island (1000 supply)

An exclusive island based on a large lake and deep forest all around. Super cozy atmosphere all year around.

Lakeside Island Concept

Tropical Island (1000 supply)

An exclusive island based on a tropical island. Palms, beaches and warm weather define this unique look and atmosphere.

Tropical Island Concept

We recently shared a post with a preview of the Tropical Island that can be found here.

Land Artefacts

There is a chance for the island to include a very rare artifact. This is a one-time collectible resource.

The various potential artefacts and the likelihood of a LAND NFT containing each one are as follows:

  • Claw Fossil - 1.66%
  • Skull Fossil - 1.66%
  • Crystal Core - 1.66%
  • Shock Drive - 1.66%
  • Burn Drive - 1.66%
  • Glorious Chest - 1.66%

Land Blessings

There is also a chance for the island to include one of the rare Blessings listed below. They each have a 7.5% chance to be contained in a LAND NFT.  

  • Carpenter - reduces build timer by 20%
  • Webweaver  - reduces cost of Fabrics by 10%
  • Adept Missionary - increases adept energy gain by 10%
  • N-Corp Advisor - increases N-Corp activity points gain by 10%

Primary Resources

Every island has a Primary Resource that can be collected and refreshes over time.

  • Brightwood (30% Chance)
  • Maple Wood (5% Chance)
  • Bamboo Segment (10% Chance)
  • Cedar Wood (25% Chance)
  • Birch Wood (30% Chance)

Secondary Resources

Possible resources include:

  • Iron (50% Chance)
  • White Iron (35% Chance)
  • Silver (10% Chance)
  • Gold (5% Chance)