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Chainmonsters pauses development

With a heavy heart I need to tell you that we have to pause the development of Chainmonsters for the time being.

Hey everyone,

With a heavy heart I need to tell you that we have to pause the development of Chainmonsters for the time being.

As a fully independent game studio without outside investment and completely bootstrapped, we have always been striving to work closely with you, our beloved community and players, to deliver a groundbreaking game with highly experimental and exhilarating features together. Your support is the reason why we are here and were able to deliver Chainmonsters through many different, exciting phases over the years. We are incredible grateful for this opportunity and we hope that you had a great time as part of the process.

Over time, there were many challenges we had to face but ultimatively our Genesis NFT sale in 2021 was keeping us afloat and when both the blockchain market as well as the world economy started to struggle, we were unable to raise additional capital, neither through traditional VCs nor the Foundation Sale yet.
As a result, we had to downscale the company, had to let go of amazing colleagues that have been with us for many years, and are now required to shut down our game servers as we are unable to keep even server and infrastructure costs low enough.

From my personal POV, Chainmonsters has been my life ever since in 2017 I was working on a prototype on Ethereum in my dorm room at university that would become Chainmonsters as you know and love it today. The last few months were an extreme struggle both from a financial as well as a mental POV.

I do not take this decision and the now following steps lightly - but it's the only logical step we can take. Recovering and raising a major VC-backed funding round in the background is top priority.
The game's development is at a point where all major systems are implemented and all that we can focus on is content creation: new chainmons, islands, quests etc once funding is secured.

This is not the end but more so a temporary break.

I am not sure how long this process will take, especially in this economy right now, but I am commited to make this happen!
Once there is an update, I will make sure to post an announcement everywhere.
Until then I have to ask you to respect the privacy of team members and don't send DMs.

What that means for your game account:

Everything from game and account progress, caught Chainmons, achievements, etc is fully backed up and will wait for restoration once funding is secured.

Thanks for all your support,